Get maximum efficiency out of your car fleet.

Troubled by the sight of your cars sitting idle in the garage? Worried that you can’t keep tabs on the whereabouts of your drivers and vehicles? Partner with Kera Cabs and receive constant rides, instant updates and steady money inflow. Let’s build up your business together!

How to Gain

Basic Registration on the Website

Visit the Kera Cabs website and fill in the basic registration form. One of our agents will get in touch with you and provide details of the documents you need to furnish to complete your registration.

Visit the Nearest Kera Cabs Office

Visit the nearest Kera Cabs office with all your vendor documents, car documents and driver documents.

Submit your Documents

Submit your documents for scrutiny and verification. Once the process is complete, you will be assigned a vendor ID that you can use to access the application.

Start Operating

You can now start operating your car fleet on Kera Cabs, keep tabs on your drivers, and get real-time updates on your monetary performance.


Reports on Total Earning

With the Kera Cabs application, you can gain access to reports on your total fleet earning on a daily basis. You will be able to get a comprehensive understanding on your level of monetary efficiency.

Live Tracking of Vehicles

The application is designed to provide you information on where your vehicles are at any time during a ride. This will help you understand ride and traffic patterns and help you optimize your fleet performance.

Direct Account Payments

You can receive payments made by customers via card directly into your account. All other payments received via cash can be settled between you and your drivers.

Driver Monitoring

Our application will help you keep tabs on where your drivers are while they are live a ride. It will give you transparent visibility into the work practices and availability of your drivers.

Vendor Safety and Insurance

Insurance policy

For the sake of your driver’s safety and that of the customer, we insist that you have active insurance coverage for your vehicle. You can either opt for full coverage, 3rd party or bumper to bumper. We leave the type of insurance taken entirely to your choice and also the provider of the insurance.

Anytime, Anywhere

Just pull out that phone and book a cab whenever you like. We don’t say no regardless of whether it is noon or night.

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Call To Book A Ride

Don’t have internet? Can’t book using the app? Don’t worry. Leave that to us. Just call us an make a phone booking. We’ll send a driver your way immediately.