Trust, Safety & Insurance

At Keracabs we understand that trust is a key part to every community out there.  Without trust, there is no community. Therefore, we have implemented the following rules when it comes to safety and insurance.
First of all, it should be stated that unlike our competitors, drivers fo through full background checks with the FBI.  Also unlike our competitors, we do implement fingerprinting for ALL of our drivers, to ensure that drivers with dangerous criminal backgrounds are NOT allowed on the Keracabs  platform!  
Drivers are also expected to have previous experience in the transportation business, and must have a minimum of having driven at least 50k a year for a transportation company.
Also, while we take pride in the safety of our drivers, we are aware that women like to feel just a little safer.  Therefore, we have an option so that female passengers can opt in to only being picked up by female drivers. Likewise, female drivers will also have the option to only pick up female passengers should they choose to.
At Keracabs, we only want drivers who are professional and serious about driving.  That’s why all drivers are required to carry their own rideshare insurance policy or have Commercial Insurance.  This protects both the rider and the driver in the event of an unexpected accident.