• 1. What is Kera Cabs and why was it formed?

    Kera Cabs is a nascent venture developed and owned by cab drivers. This unique app will increase chances of daily rides for cab drivers. In addition, it will also provide a monthly cab usage history without the engagement of additional staff to perform the task. You get the choice of being both owner and employee of your own company. Since this app has been developed by cab drivers, you can rest easy that no form of extortion on cab drivers will be practiced. In fact, the rates for each ride will be as fixed by the government. In a way, we are a voice against the oppressive online services offered by some other companies. Kera Cabs is the largest venture that drivers have begun in collaboration with other drivers.

  • 2. What Makes Kera Cabs Unique?

    This is the first online transportation service that operates at government fixed rates. Our service provides help line numbers unique to each district. We also enforce special rates for night rides. To ensure good flow of ride enquiries, we take on the task of advertising effectively. Since all rides are at government fixed rates, taking short rides can also increase your income. We give you the facility to know the approximate charge for each ride before the ride begins. In addition to frequent rides, the app also gives you the opportunity to get return rides. The promoters of this application have no vested interests in this product.

  • 3. What are the LLP formation details?

    Kera Cabs is a Limited Liability Partnership registered under the Central Government. 100 select cab drivers from several districts of Kerala form the board of Kera Cabs. The headquarters of the LLP is in Kannur District. A strong legal advisory team backs the LLP. One of the best financial advisors in South India is on board. Kera Cabs also enlists the service of the best designing and PR company in Kerala.

  • 4. What are the types of vehicles accepted in the Kera Cabs app?

    Special attractive rates will be available to drivers who are available online for longer periods of time. Four kinds of vehicle distinctions will be made. They are as follows:

    • Hatchback
    • Sedan
    • SUV
    • Premium SUV


  • 5. What are the share policies enforced by the LLP?

    All meetings will include all the shareholders of the app. All shareholders will be provided training with the help of the technical staff. Shareholders will be provided an equal share as reflected by the size of their shareholding. All shareholders will be provided emergency support (according to the situation). For the 2000 rupees you invest, you will get a legal document attested by the central government stating your share in the product. All shareholders will get lifetime share dividend from the app. Kera Cabs has shareholders all over Kerala. An individual can acquire from one share (at 2000 rupees) to 5 shares (at 10,000 rupees). Online taxi owners and taxi drivers will be allowed membership in the LLP.

  • 6. What is the profit dividend policy of the LLP?

    Kera Cabs will utilize the 10% commission charged as service fee on each ride for running of the LLP. The amount remaining after operational costs of Kera Cabs will be equally divided among the share holders (according to the number of shares they hold) and credited directly to their bank accounts annually.

  • 7. How do you intend to enforce the stand Queue system without fault using the app?

    The same queue system followed by the stand will be followed in the Kera Cabs app.

  • 8.How is the return rate for rides determined? What are the rates for each ride?

    The rent will be fixed inclusive of return charges.

  • 9. Is there a limitation in using certain models of vehicles? Is the age of the vehicle a limiting criterion?

    The quality of service and cleanliness will be more important than the model, or year of make of the vehicle.

  • 10. How will vendor vehicles be managed?

    Owners of more than one vehicle will be given access to a special feature that allows them to track and view the activity of their fleet on a monthly basis.

  • 11. Will this service be provided all over Kerala only?

    The app will operate all over India.

  • 12. What is the commission rate of the LLP?

    The current commission rate for online services is 10% of the total ride charge.

  • 13. How will high range areas be affected?

    The app will be operational in urban, rural and high-range areas equally.

  • 14. Are waiting charges applicable to rides?

    Waiting charges will be charged in addition to the ride rates.

  • 15. Will ride payments be made via card or cash?

    Payments will be made according to the mode of payment selected by the customer (either cash or card).

  • 16. Will the driver get the ride payments directly?

    Drivers can receive payment via cash or card.

  • 17. What measures are taken for the protection and security of drivers?

    Kera Cabs will provide financial support to cab drivers in the event of an accident or demise. Charity work among members will be actively conducted.

  • 18. Why should I join this venture? Why not continue in the current system?

    You will get the chance to earn a larger income as Kera Cabs actively advertises and performs activities to reach a wider audience, thereby increasing your chances to land more rides per day.

  • 19. Are there different privileges for drivers and cab owners?

    Attractive discounted pricing on spare parts, tyres, battery will be available to members only. Facilities for drivers engaged in long drives to take rest and get refreshed will be arranged in the near future. An option to book tempo travelers, buses through the Kera Cabs website will also be added to the services. A 24/7 support call centre will be at your reach. Other charity and life support activities will also be provided to the members according to the situation.

  • 20. What documents do I need to submit to join this venture?

    Fill, sign and submit the application form and KYC documents as specified on the Kera Cabs website. The supporting documents required include PAN card copy, Aadhar card copy, Driver’s License copy, Latest passport size photos (4 copies), A cheque from any Nationalized Bank bearing the amount equivalent to the number of shares you want.

  • 21. Is it necessary to take a share in the LLP?

    No. You can use the app and the services that Kera Cabs provides by downloading the app and registering with us. You don’t need to be a shareholder for that.

  • 22. When are the profit dividends shared?

    Of the 10% commission taken for each ride, the amount after the running expenses of Kera Cabs app will be deposited annually in the bank accounts of the members.

  • 23. Is insurance protection provided?

    As required, options for group insurance will be provided.

  • 24. Can I use my current mobile phone for this service or should I purchase a new one?

    You can use your current mobile phone as long as it’s an Android or iOS supporting phone.

  • 25. How is the Queue system at railway station/airport maintained?

    The queue system will be maintained just as is normally maintained at the stand. It will be on a first come first serve basis. The first cab driver to turn on the app at the designated stand will get the first trip. Only if the first cab driver declines the ride or goes offline will the trip pass on to the next cab driver.

  • 26. If I am not interested in taking a ride but I have got an online ride request, will I be compelled to take the ride?

    No. You don’t have to take the ride if your situation does not permit it.

  • 27. Will I have to give up on personal rides?

    When using the Kera Cabs app, you will have complete freedom to take rides without affecting your existing personal ride commitments

  • 28. Can I opt out of this service after I join?

    Yes. You can stop using this application whenever you want to. There is no compulsion to use the application, take stipulated rides or work concrete hours.

  • 29. Can I take leave from rides?

    You have complete freedom to choose when to take rides and when not to. You even have the option to decline rides if your situation does not permit you to take the ride.

  • 30. Are there special rates for night rides?

    Attractive rates will be charged for night rides.

  • 31. Who is responsible for the services of the LLP?

    Kera Cabs is a Limited Liability Partnership registered under the Central Government. The LLP has 7 designated partners who are responsible for its functioning and services. These 7 partners have equal responsibilities and rights. Supporting them is a board committee consisting of 80 members.

  • 32. Is this service within the bounds of the law?

    The app will operate in accordance with all Central Government rules and regulations. Rates charged will be as decided by the government.

  • 33. Do individuals or companies become members of this service?

    Only individuals can join this service.

  • 34. How is women safety ensured through the app?

    A special tracking feature will be enabled that will help track all rides that carry women. In addition, an SOS button will also be provided. Our call centre will be operational 24/7.

  • 35. What is the procedure for long distance bookings?

    For bookings of value more than Rs 1500, an advance payment of 20% of the booking value will have to be paid. Only after such payment will the booking be confirmed. In the event the booking is cancelled, a cancellation fee of Rs 170 will be levied and the remaining advance payment will be credited to the customer’s Kera Cabs e-wallet. Customers will be able to redeem the amount during their next ride with Kera Cabs.

  • 36. What is the cancellation policy?

    All bookings below Rs 1500 will be charged a cancellation fee of Rs 50. In the event the booking is of value more than 1500, a cancellation charge of Rs 170 will be levied and the remaining advance payment will be credited to the customer’s Kera Cabs e-wallet. Customers will be able to redeem the amount during their next ride with Kera Cabs.