Rides like a tension-free breeze.

You are important to us. Getting you to your destination is our passion. Whatever be your need or priority, you can count on us to get you there. Book your ride now.

How It Works

Download and install application!

It's important to us that you join the Kera Cabs family. Just download the application and register with us.

Pick your destination

Have fun letting us know your destination. You can either enter the address or drop a pin on the map. Keep us guessing!

Get to know your driver

Let go and let us do all the hard work of locating a suitable driver in your vicinity for you. We will share the driver name, photo, vehicle model, and vehicle number with you. It is imperative to us that you feel safe and comfortable.

Watch your ride coming

To make things interesting, we have included a feature that will help you track your ride on the map.

Enter your chauffeured ride

Finally, slide in and enjoy the ride like royalty!


Affordable Rides

Ever taken a ride and felt that you were ripped-off? Take a spin with Kera Cabs knowing that you are paying only what has been approved by the government. Nothing more.

Hassle-free Commute

Driving through traffic can kill your productivity and take the joy out of a day of shopping. With Kera Cabs, you can get a ride in a jiffy, enjoy the A/C ambience and leave the difficult task of navigating through traffic to our driver.

Security First

Your safety and security are very important to us. We have included an SOS button in the Kera Cabs application that you can press at any time during the ride for assistance. Enjoy peace of mind and well-deserved rest for your body.

Know your Driver

We want you to enjoy your ride in comfort and ease. We will always provide you the name and image of your driver so you know who’s going to take care of you in advance.

Customer Safety

Vetted and Experienced Drivers

At Kera Cabs, quality and security is of great importance to us. We vet every single driver who collaborates with us before enlisting their service. This includes diligent scrutiny of their permits, insurance and character.

Identify your Ride

We want to make sure you feel your safest when you ride with us. To keep things transparent, we will send you a complete profile of the driver, and the vehicle you will be riding in. This includes the drivers name, photo, vehicle model and vehicle number. You can verify your ride with all these details before entering the vehicle.

SOS Button

At any time during the ride, if you feel your safety is compromised, press the SOS button on the application for assistance. We want you to know that we have got your back. We will immediately get in touch with the nearest authorities to provide you help.

Insurance Coverage

We always ensure that the vehicles enlisted with us have insurance coverage. This is to make sure that you will be taken care of in the event of an emergency.

Anytime, Anywhere

Just pull out that phone and book a cab whenever you like. We don’t say no regardless of whether it is noon or night.

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Call To Book A Ride

Don’t have internet? Can’t book using the app? Don’t worry. Leave that to us. Just call us an make a phone booking. We’ll send a driver your way immediately.

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